5 Business Start Ups with Almost No Initial Costs in 2021

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business but been put off of because of finances? Here are 5 very low-cost options that you should consider.

Starting a business does not need to be expensive to set up, in fact it can be done for free. We started our business for free utilising free tools that are available on the internet.

One of the key areas you should be considering is the service-based area. These will have a lower or even free overheads to start up than product-based businesses. Most service-based businesses just require a laptop and internet connection and a few good ideas.

Struggling for ideas? Then why not turn to your hobbies or professional skills you’re your business. This article is to give people an idea or get the thought process going but cannot afford to spend a lot of money just getting established.

The No. 1 reason why people do not follow their business dreams is the cost of getting started. But there are many businesses that you can launch today with little or even no cost, it will just require some hard work on your part.

Still tempted? These 5 ideas will help inspire your entrepreneurial passion.

1. Etsy Shop Owner.

This is very popular selling site. The simplicity of setting up an Etsy shop is second to none and is free. This online store is best for those who “craft”, so if you have a crafting hobby, then this site is a must for you. The only costs to consider here are the inbuilt ETSY fees for advertising, selling and payment transactions, which are very competitive.

2. Blogger/Vlogger

Passionate about a topic or field and want to share that passion with others? Then blogging/vlogging is the way to go. To start a blog all you need is a laptop, internet connection and a website. There are plenty of free blogging sites for you to choose from and all have a free option. A large number of bloggers utilise sites like WordPress which offers a free and paid subscription, which allows you to start small and expand as your business grows. Vloggers is slightly different as you need to invest in a high-quality camera, video-editing software and various AV equipment as needed. To make money, you can offer advertising space on your website, guest blog, find video sponsors, or create an account on a funding platform.

3. Personal/Virtual Assistant

Do you have good organisational skills and thrive on being organised? Then why not let your organisation skills come to the fore and help out an entrepreneur whilst they build their business? You will be performing many secretarial or front-desk functions from the comfort of your own home. Individuals who perform these functions very often work from home and have many different clients, maintaining calendars, making travel arrangements and doing clerical work. All you need here is a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

4. CV Writer

This is an area where many people struggle, trying to sell themselves. Most people struggle with their own CV neither mind writing for someone else. If you are one of those who have a skill of killer CV writing with an eye for detail, then this is the job for you. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. With the growth of the gig economy there are plenty of freelance platforms to advertise on and you can market your services on social media.

5. Content Creation

The massive expansion of social media and the endless cycle of news, has given creative professionals unlimited options to create a business. If you can create sharable content of a high quality for businesses or even media outlets then this may work for you. The ever-expanding gig economy of contract and freelance workers has paved the way for yu to market yourself as a professional service provider.

Whilst this list is just a splash in the ocean of good ideas, it may just be enough to the get the entrepreneur in you going. You could even run the business as a side show whilst you continue your normal job just to see how it pans out before making the jump.

Looking for more ideas then why not visit the Entrepreneur website for more ideas or jus google search “businesses with no start-up costs”. That’s how we researched this article and inspired us to write it.

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